Dream or Reality?

Finally, I feel happy and alive. I feel happy to be alive. Things are so much brighter. Things are so beautiful. I think I might be getting better . I think I  might be happy. . Ring , Ring , Ring . Now, I feel sad and empty. I feel sad to be alive. Things … More Dream or Reality?

Adventure Time

I have to say I really like living in South Dakota. I am close to a lot of places that I haven’t seen yet. I have spent most of my life on the east coast and have not really been west for sight seeing. I am excited to say that for my birthday I will … More Adventure Time


Okay, anxiety sucks. We all have struggled with it at one point and time in our lives and we all know that it just sucks. I have always struggled with anxiety but in the last few years I have been struggling with panic attacks. Panic attacks are literally the worst and they always come at … More Anxiety.


I am a dying flower wilting away day by day I used to full of life and color until I couldn’t recover I have made so many mistakes and have so many regrets That it is my fault I am a dying flower wilting away day by day   (photo is not mine)